Textile cat portrait – the Dead Rat Hat

I got a request to make this cat portrait. The kitty in question was so delightfully feline I simply had to take the order.

I created her from a beige velvet, hand stitching each piece and stuffing it to create the shape of the face. Her ears are wired and has a wee bit of fluffy yarn. I painted her with several layers of textile paint and embroidered her pink nose.

I had the idea of the dead rat hat as cats are vicious hunters and I think it’s funny. My other cats have sported fish and dead bird on their millinery. I created the rat from a soft cotton, wired it’s tail so it can be adjusted and painted it. But since that was simply not enough I also adorned it with beads and Swarovski crystals. Not just a dead rat – a blinged dead rat. Rested on a herringbone tweed with a feather it totally elevates the piece. Cat with Dead Rat Hat

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