Textile taxidermy zebra trophy

How I’ve enjoyed making this zebra, so much fun! I used a thick cream cotton and polyester stuffing. Large ┬áblack glass eyes gave it that friendly look (although zebras are tough creatures!). Sculpting the face adding piece after piece of fabric, carefully hand stitching it on to create the shape of the zebra. I like when there is a movement in the piece and he is turning his head slightly.

I’m always surrounded by photos of the animal I’m working on so my whole studio was stripy. I used cotton thread around the nostrils and eyes which gave it great structure. There was a moment there when I sat with a white horse and contemplating making into a unicorn… but then I grabbed the black textile paint instead. For the mane I used finest alpaca wool. I know the zebra mane stands on end but I didn’t want to use synthetic hair. For the longest time I thought I would brush it with glue, starch, sugar water, you name it, to get it to stand up but in the end I decided to leave it lovely and soft.

Then came the problem of the shield. I thought the zebra would suit quite a traditional shield but found it impossible to find the shape, colour and size I wanted. So I bought a band saw and a drum sander and after several evenings in the garage covered in dust I had the perfect shield. It is made of pine and covered with three coats of stained wax.

I love him – I hope you do to!

Handsculpted textile zebra trophy. Fibre art.

Handsculpted textile zebra trophy. Fibre art.


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